Prashad Demo Cooking Course - 24th April


Prashad’s popular all-day cooking course is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to learn the secrets of great Indian cooking. Hosted by Prashad’s very own Bobby (who is responsible for Front of House) and Minal (Head Chef and former mentee of Gordon Ramsay) the day will begin at 9.30am with a welcome drink of ginger tea and a chance to meet Minal and find out more about the dishes you will be making that day. Following this, it’s off to the restaurant’s kitchen, where you can watch some of Prashad’s dishes being prepared and find out about the tricks of the trade and learn how certain spices work together. During the demonstration, Bobby and Minal will explain more about the food they grew up with, their life at Prashad, the heritage behind their recipes and the role of food in Indian culture. This is a great opportunity and a rare chance to see a top chef in action and ask plenty of questions. A feast will then be prepared for lunch, including starters, curries, rice, pickle and dessert. Throughout the day, there will be plenty of opportunities to retire to the restaurant, sample the dishes and make notes about which ones you would like to make at home. At the end of the course, every attendee is given a copy of one of Prashad’s cookbooks (choose between Prashad At Home or Prashad: Indian Vegetarian Cooking) and a takeaway meal for one.